Decades of Experience
Few agricultural consultancies would have the depth of experience with irrigation systems over many years that Inclusive Engagement’s team have had, covering flood irrigation, trickle, winch, and pivot and lateral low pressure overhead systems. They have provided irrigation advice for clients across a range of industries throughout Queensland and Northern NSW, as well as in Indonesia.

Some of our consultants pioneered the use of the neutron probe in Queensland, establishing full points, refill points and wilting points for a range of soils in the Emerald Irrigation Area. They also utilised Enviroscan capacitance probes to assess irrigation systems and to schedule irrigation to maximise Water Use Efficiency. For perennial tree crops, they have installed and managed above-ground drip systems.

Inclusive Engagement principal consultant John Willcox was the State Extension leader for the Queensland government’s Rural Water Use Efficiency Initiative, managing a state-wide team and handling multiple local management groups made up of industry, government and community groups. This change management project entailed designing and delivering land and Water management plans for the Australian sugar industry, reporting to the responsible Minister annually and designing and implementing training programs for a variety of irrigation techniques.

Our consultants also have international irrigation experience, leading McKinsey and Co’s ‘Target 10 Tonne’ change management project for the restructuring of Indonesia’s largest sugar producer, where they successfully managed the planning and upgrading of irrigation systems for 15,000ha.
They were also responsible for driving the RDA funded project ‘Increasing Business Opportunities in a Water Constrained Environment’, working closely with Australian Water Engineering, business groups, community leaders and the government to develop investment options to help offset the detrimental effects of a reduction in the Murray Darling cap.

Our team was also involved in negotiating agreements to manage the use of irrigation water for the Santos Landholder Relations, Sustainability and Pastoral arms as part of the Environmental Impact Statement of the Santos GLNG project.

This comprehensive irrigation background means that you can be confident that the Inclusive Engagement team can handle every aspect of your irrigation problem, from recommendations for a single paddock to a state-wide irrigation strategy.