Professional Assistance to Protect Your Interests
Concerns over the effect of gas extraction on the water table, river systems and human and animal health have garnered extensive headlines. But one of the less publicised aspects of the industry has been the big difference between the returns agricultural landholders receive for access to the wealth beneath their soil and the huge potential profits of the major gas companies.

In the past, changes in land use have driven increases in family wealth in rural Australia, through clearing, grazing, cropping or irrigation. But with CSG, for the first time we are seeing a huge change in land use where landholder is getting very little out of it.

In many cases the landholder does not even understand what they are signing up for. They are potentially ‘selling the farm’ and linking their property to a mining company for up to 30 years or more. Decisions made today could well bind their children and grandchildren, yet many of these contracts are being signed without independent professional or legal advice. Many landholders are being pressured into signing agreements with little understanding of the impact on their operations, what their legal rights are, the effects of changing technology, future activities of the gas companies and what could be achieved by way of compensation.

There are lots of issues to be addressed - and not all of them are financial.

What control will you have over where and when a CSG company can access your land?
How can you ensure their vehicles won’t bring damaging weeds like parthenium onto your property?
What affect would your CSG agreement have if you wanted to sell your property?
How will you ensure stock don’t get out of the paddocks you’ve put them in?
Will their operations affect your water bores?

At Inclusive Engagement we believe it is about time that the rural landholder had professional assistance to protect their interests - both those who are considering signing up as well as those who already have CSG agreements. A review of existing agreements can help ensure CSG companies are meeting their obligations and that market rate compensation is being paid.