Objective, Independent Advice
The Inclusive Engagement team are here to ensure that individual landholders are not disadvantaged when trying to structure a deal with a multinational corporation.

Inclusive Engagement is not for or against CSG companies. We provide farmers with objective advice and strategies to make sure they get the best possible deal. Money is a part of that, but is not the only important factor. We’re about creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Importantly, Inclusive Engagement is totally independent. Our consultants have a background involving many years as rural agronomists, change management consultants and international agricultural consultants. They have first-hand senior management experience working for a coal seam gas company.  They own agricultural properties themselves and understand the farmer/cattle-grower’s perspective.  They are only interested in improving the position of the landholder.

Having an experienced CSG solicitor’s opinion is essential and is something we highly recommend, but what Inclusive Engagement offers is a much more specialised service - experienced advice from someone who knows how the CSG industry works from the inside, and also understands what’s important to the landholder and how to protect that.

Inclusive Engagement operates throughout the rural areas of Queensland and New South Wales.
If you need a hand making sure your rights are protected, give us a call today.