Professional, independent advice

Inclusive Engagement is a rural consulting group with decades of experience in
Stakeholder Engagement and Change Management.

Those are just fancy terms for what we do best – talking openly and honestly with rural people,
helping them to understand important changes that are happening - in agronomy, in land use, in
irrigation and water management, in technology - and how they and their local communities could
be affected by those changes.

We look at the issue from the landholder’s perspective, explain it in their language, and show them how
to best take advantage of the coming changes. We can provide objective advice, negotiate on their behalf, and provide training and support to help them maximise the situation.

At the moment, one of the biggest changes affecting rural communities is Coal Seam Gas.

In less than 15 years the CSG industry has transformed rural Australia, with more than 3,500 active coal seam gas wells now operating in Queensland and New South Wales and up to 40,000 more planned. Australia’s natural gas industry is investing almost $200 billion in projects across the country.

Inclusive Engagement can provide independent, objective advice to farmers, graziers and other landholders on how to best handle dealings with the Coal Seam Gas industry.

Our experienced consultants can advise landholders on a number of aspects of dealing with CSG companies – from complete exclusion from the property, to the impact of having CSG operations sited
on your land; strategies for ongoing dealings with gas corporations; and ways of structuring tailor-made compensation arrangements to provide maximum benefit to landholders.

The financial side of the equation is important, but we can also help you negotiate other important issues, such as:

What control will you have over where and when a CSG company can access your land?
How can you ensure their vehicles won’t bring damaging weeds like parthenium onto your property?
What affect would your CSG agreement have if you wanted to sell your property?
How will you ensure stock don’t get out of the paddocks you’ve put them in?
Will their operations affect your water bores?

The big CSG companies have teams of legal specialists and advisors making sure that they get the deal they want. With Inclusive Engagement, you can have our team on your side.